Perception Auditing

Kei Advisors conducts a thorough investigation of the perspectives held by investors and potential investors regarding management’s strategic competence, operational effectiveness and credibility. Through personal interviews and financial analysis, the audit includes investor assessments on the company’s and the industry’s outlook.


Investor Profiling

Investment criteria, valuation methods, performance expectations and investment behaviors are evaluated, compared and profiled to provide a better understanding of the key investment characteristics that are attracting the attention of investors.


Investor Targeting

The knowledge from the Perception Audit and Investor Profile are applied to the universe of 13F and non-13F investors to target the specific audience with the greatest propensity to invest in your stock and proactively broaden the audience for direct communications.


Strategic Thinking

The significant market intelligence gained through research is used to strengthen the strategic approach, assess investor reaction to strategic shifts, and promote awareness of the investors’ perceptions for your Board of Directors.

“Our process is grounded in meaningful and specific research that leads to better targeting of your audience and a more strategic approach to communications.”